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March 15, 2017 General Flood No comments exist

A prior Blog questioned the 4 P’s of Marketing theory and stated that it omitted the most important “P”, Positioning. The positioning of a brand is by far the most important element of marketing. Brand Positioning must be unique and compelling; it must be clear and precise. This Blog will explain How.

On a single page we must communicate:
Brand Positioning (Brand Promise) : In a single sentence state how the brand offering is unique and compelling and to whom.
Support for Brand Positioning: What technical, research and historical support proves the brand promise.
Target Group: Expand on the target group to ensure that we can isolate and reach them with chosen media.
Competitive Set: Who else is in the category and what are they saying.
Price Point: Price of this product and any key competition
Target P/V Ratio: Says a lot about resources available to ensure success
For assistance in this area call TopDeck and ask for General Flood. We can also assist you by evaluating your current Brand Positioning and suggesting improvements. The suggested format for Brand Positioning together with examples completed is available in the shopping area for $1.

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