Brand Positioning


This one page format will lead to a more competitive and successful brand. All of the headings and details on how to complete are included in the format.



Brand Positioning is “everything”. The most important attribute of a brand is to be unique and compelling to the target group. This simple one page format will assist you to focus and achieve that.We believe strongly that brand positioning can be strengthened and improved in almost every case so we are making this tool available for $1.

You can also purchase the Brand Positioning Coaching (BPC)which includes this format and a half hour of coaching to complete it for $199.00. Also available is the Brand Positioning Evaluation (BPE) where we review your current positioning and recommend improvements to make you more successful. the BPE is $599 to $1299 depending on what you  provide us with. Call for an estimate. Ask for General Flood 1-416-485-9900.


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