Is Customer Service Alive and Well?

July 4, 2017 General Flood No comments exist

I am personally intrigued by the fact that every CEO that I have ever met will state that Customer Service is one of the 5 key attributes of their companies’ focus and success. We all know that most of them are lying to me. Each of us knows from our own experience day to day that customer service is largely terrible and rarely excellent. Why is this?

Over the years I have found that while we like to mention Customer Service in our strategy statement we do not focus on developing business processes that always support it. While we like to include Customer Service in our mission and values statement, we do not deploy performance systems that support it in daily practices within the culture.

There are certain sectors where focus on short term cost cutting and efficiencies have resulted in customer service being trampled in unexpected ways. The airline sector is just one of these that has recently grabbed unwanted news headlines with terrible examples of customer service.

We have worked with the “world’s favorite airline”, and the most successful organizations in many sectors. Without exception all excel at Customer Service. They focus like maniacs on the customer both at the executive level and on the front lines. They have performance measures in place that promote and ensure very high levels of service in every transaction. They review performance on a regular basis looking for ways to improve customer service delivery.

TopDeck can help you to understand and improve Customer Service. The TopDeck Customer Service Certification program (TCSC) will help you to assess Customer Service within your organization, within a few weeks and identify improvement potential. Visit the store on this site to learn more about the Customer Service Certification program or call me and I would be happy to hear your thoughts and recommend an approach.

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